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The CONNECT approach to improvement in safety performance is based in research that shows clearly what is needed in terms of Engagement, Job Satisfaction and Job Motivation to translate organisational safety values into practice at the frontline level.
One of our strengths is  our ability to develop the “how-to" of theories and concepts  -  how to translate the theories and principles into practical applications and tools which are usable in the workplace.
Research shows that only one in 5 employees is highly engaged. It means that 80% of employees are not bringing their best efforts to their jobs. It's easy to see how safety performance may suffer when 8 out of 10 are merely 'turning up' for their weekly or monthly pay.

Improving the rate and quality of participation and contribution to the safety process is key to improvement of safety performance.
The Connect Safety Leadership Program is structured around the “Engagement” concept and Herzberg’s Two Factors Theory of Job Satisfaction and Job Motivation.

Connect leadership programs provide leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to address job satisfaction factors and job motivation factors to improve safety performance.
The Connect Team Activation Process (TAP)™ is a method for generating a committed approach to team problem solving. The result is a shift in team behaviour from grudging safety compliance to a willing and enthusiastic committment to safety policies, processes and  objectives.

TAP is only one of the effective leadership tools designed by Connect and used for safety performance improvement.
Following the signing of a Strategic  Partnership Agreement, Connect and IFAP now offer a greatly enhanced range of products and services to clients locally and  around the world.
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